We have desk space for you at 1800 N Clybourn Ave in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. This office has parking and all the tools you need to be successful in the real estate industry. 

We have a cloud based Office 365 system which makes working from home easy.  We have all the office equipment required to complete any transaction on any type of real estate in all 50 states. Your Illinois license allows you to collect a fee for all types of transactions.   



Real Estate is a commission driven business.  It is consistency ranked in the top 10 best jobs by US News. If you are willing to show up and put in the effort which will include:

  • Working 45 hours a week
  • Working 6-12 hours over the weekend
  • Contacting people and asking for their business
  • Following our direction including excellent integrity with time commitments
  • Understanding that it takes two months to get rolling and two years to start growing a business
  • You can make $40,000 to $60,000 in year one and 20% more each additional year. You must have 4 months of reserves to start in the business.


Illinois requires agents to have a license to sell real estate. We have business development roles that are license free marketing positions.  

  • The class can be taken in one week or one month.
  • The cost is about $1000 to cover all the costs.

The Door opener

The Berkshire Hathaway name always gets a seat at the table. You will be the face of a Brand known throughout the world  that exemplifies intelligent and cost effective business solutions. This is an essential part of your ability to get in the door with clients who are looking for the best service and best value. The Berkshire Hathaway was Number Three Fortune Magazine largest companies and Berkshire Hathaway Home services ranks highest and performs particularly well in the agent/salesperson, marketing and closing process factors according to J.D. Power



We are looking forward to training you for success. The real estate business is competitive and requires ongoing review and implementation of best practices to succeed. We will get you started with a "30 days to success" program that includes goal setting and step-by-step directions to get new business. We will meet with you weekly to review your efforts and help you implement new strategies along with evaluating current ones. You are not alone or left abandoned to fend for yourself. We are a team. We share our successes.


Marketing YOU 

We will invest in your image and provide you with the tools to sell your abilities to the the public.  You will be a equal member of our team with all the credentials of our team. You will be the point of contact but we will walk you though the process and implement all the techniques we have proven are better than anything else in the business. We know exactly how to maximize the clients experience while always keeping you front and center. We are interested in you being able to provide the excellent results our team produces year after year.  Relax, you are not left alone or overshadowed.