how we interpret website data

While we do market on more than a dozen websites the reach is accurately reflected with these four websites.


Feedback example:

"We have two areas that can be adjusted to reach more or more interested buyers: price or features/condition. Your property is not getting enough interest to stay at the current price point or we need to make changes to features i.e. paint, update, remodel. The pictures, description and floor plans are optimized so that is not the issue. There is no question your home, at 1600 square feet, is a good value. However, the feedback from the buyers is not showing this to be what they want. I recommend we make an adjustment to 378,000. The reason I say 378,000 is because that is 3% less than your current asking price. We have had two showings so far and the other properties that are in your range of value are reflected in your live market feed. We know for certain that when someone sees your home as a good fit which includes price, condition and location they will be aggressive about making an offer."