WE FACILITATE all Activity

We never miss a showing

We facilitate all showings and collect all feedback from agents. It's fact that no one agent can accommodate all showings and if you are not hiring a team you're missing at least 25% of your showings. Buyers need 100% flexibility to find time to see your home. 

  • We accommodate the best time for the agent and the buyer.
  • Agents turn down 25-50% of showings because of scheduling conflicts.
  • We have a team showing schedule.
  • We use open houses to increase foot traffic and interest.
  • If necessary, we can place key boxes to ensure every possible buyer sees your property.
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Sellers have no idea how many of the showing requests are declined because of scheduling conflicts and poorly managed listing calendars. We had 24 showings per week on our own listings in 2017. It is impossible for a single or team of two agents to accommodate the thirty mins per showing required. We have perfected a calander system that proactively requests agents to select our listing as the primary showing for each outing. We are proud to say we were unable to accommodate only 4% of all showing requests in 2017.