Wicker Park

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Wicker Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Once the haven for seedy characters and budding artists, Wicker Park has taken over to popular and unique eateries, youthful shoppes, and stunning nightlife. 

Housing stock

The median sales price for homes in Wicker Park is listed at $446,000. Residents enjoy Chicago's beautiful architecture that tells a story with historic brownstones, small multi-family flats, mid-rises, and single family homes. 


The main train stop in Wicker Park is the Damen Blue Line, which is the central point for the entire neighborhood. Visitors walk off into a six-way intersection busting with arts and culture. Parking is available throughout the neighborhood and permit parking is readily-accessible for local residents. 

Shopping, dining and nightlife

Wicker Park is one of the premier destinations in Chicago for nightlife, clubs and date night spots. With an unforgettable urban setting, many locals and visitors feast on the boutique shoppes inspired by local artists, designers, and fashionistas. Favorites int he neighborhood include long-time running Myopic Bookstore, The Flat Iron Artist Lofts, and Sultan's Market. 


There are great public and private school options available in the surround area. Public school institutions include Pritzker Elementary School and Clemente High School. Private schools in the area also include Saint Mary's and Jonathan Burr Elementary School.